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I grew up in a small town in Virginia with my Mom, Dad and sister Lisa. We returned to this "family homestead" when I was 10, moving into the old house when my mom's parents built a new house. My mom's mother, "Mana" lives in a retirement community nearby, and my dad's parents live in the next county to the south.

Congratulations to my folks on their recent retirement. They had run a Western Auto store for 27 years, and are really enjoying their new leisure. I doubt the leisure will last long - they both have lists of things to do. My mom continues to farm beef Angus cattle and has a few award-winning Pathfinder breeder cows. My dad is renewing his "ham" radio license. They're also doing some travelling, like a trip on Windjammer's Amazing Grace, and they finally made a trip out here.
Mom and Dad

Lisa and Dick live about 30 minutes away from my parents and have a new baby, Jake. He's a real cutie. I am trying to remember all the dirty songs and other bad things my dad taught me when I was little so I can be a good aunt! Lisa is a chemist and I can't remember (or never really understood) what Dick does, but they also spend a lot of time working on their house. Lisa's a better daughter than I, since she comes home and helps on the farm.

My grandmother is doing really well since she moved into the retirement community. She is much closer to her group of friends than she was out on the farm, so she has so much company sometimes she and I can't have a decent visit when I come home. She plays bridge a couple days a week. She has a new email address with WebTV, so it's easier for us to keep in touch.
Here are the girls in the family: cousin Chip's wife Susan, cousin Jennifer, Mana, and mom, with me and sister Lisa standing behind.

I don't see my dad's folks as much, but it's funny how alike we can be. We seem to have similar opinions on politics, religion, etc., and have enjoyed some of the same books. They raised dairy cattle, chickens and hogs when I was little. They built a house a little closer to town, and it seems that they have a lot of visitors all the time too.

So, that's my immediate family. There are a few aunts, uncles and cousins, some of whom I haven't seen in a long time (if you're an aunt, uncle or cousin and want better status on my page, send me some email about what you're up to). Oh, but I do have to mention my mom's cousin Skip, who is, according to my sister, our most "flashy and impractical relative." Of course, I should stay on his good side, 'cuz he's my ski connection in Utah!

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