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What to Bring Hiking

This is a little list I keep to remind myself what to bring in my pack on a day hike. It's probably missing some things, let me know if you think of anything. Also you might be interested in this list which I made for car camping. Have a good trip!

 back/day pack
 camelback/bladder full of water
 trail pass / parking permit
 cell phone
 good map
 GPS receiver (on phone?)
 hiking book (we like Pacific Northwest Hiking, 4th Edition ISBN 1-56691-380-2)
 hiking boots
 hiking socks
 bright bandanna
I love to dip my bandanna into cool water and put it back on my head to cool off as I hike. Also it keeps my bald head sunburn-free and has the added benefit of making me more visible to hunters during hunting season in National Forests. If you have a dog with you, I highly recommand putting another bandanna on his/her collar.
 change of shirt
 long sleeves?
 waterproof jacket?
 waterproof pants?
 warm hat/gloves?
 boot gators?
If there's any chance of rain, at least take your rain clothes with you in the car. I like to at least have long sleeves in my backpack in case it gets cold up there or (God forbid) I get lost. If I'm gunna be walking through the snow, I want a warm hat and gloves and gators on my boots.
 hiking poles?
I used to think these were a waste of money and kinda stupid looking but when you are up on the snow they really help you keep your balance.
 bug spray
 small first aide kit
 gorp / pack lunch
 sunscreen / chapstick
 digital camera
 extra boot laces
 pocket knife
 toilet paper (just in case!)
 small flashlight (just in case!)

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