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I put all my little computer-related gizmos over in tools.


In the summer the weather in Seattle is beautiful (yes, the rest of the year it rains). So I love to go hiking and camping. I'm sorry to say that we traded my Jeep in for a new Subaru Forester. Summer's also pretty much the only time I get a chance to ride my motorcycle, a 1999 Honda Shadow Spirit 750.

Despite the "hobbies" graphic I made out of a soccer ball, I don't play much anymore. Every now and then I make it up to a pick up game at Microsoft or out to sub on Lynn's team, though.


In the fall, Saturdays are for watching college football. I'm not a big TV person but the only times I miss a Virginia Tech game is when it's not being broadcast (even on Gameplan) and isn't going to be at any sports bars around. I also enjoy catching other good college match-ups but don't feel too bad about missing one if there's something better to do.


In the winter, it's time to ski. On weekends we usually stay around the Seattle area hitting places like Stevens Pass. But once a year or so we make a trip up to Whistler, BC.

I'm also a fairly avid reader and this have a few book recommendations for you.


I've recently been tinkering with a little woodworking. I built some simple boxes out of pine then moved on to constructing a set of shelves to serve as a spice rack in the kitchen. I recently installed some kitchen cabinets built a countertop for them. And I made some picture frames out of walnut, maple and oak to give to my family. I also built a humidor out of spalted maple and Spanish cedar and a cutting board for my wife. I then installed some shelves in the bathroom, built some drawers in the garage, drawers in the laundry room and a footstool (with a nice leather cushion) for the living room. The biggest project was a set of built-in shelves in the study upstairs.

I was addicted to writing fizzbuzz code golf solutions for a while there... But I kicked the habit after learning just one new programming language...

The frustration of shutter delays caused me to ditch my point-and-shoot "compact" digital camera in favor of a nice Nikon DSLR (D50) this past Christmas. I found the Nikon pretty cheap because the model was being phased out in favor of the D40s and D80s. My dad had a box of old Nikkor (film body) lenses that he put in the mail for me to use... and they work great. So recently I've been doing a little photography; mostly of my little boy Alex but some other stuff too. You can check out the results on my photo album and also here.

When my wife Lynn started taking oil painting classes at work and working on her paintings at home, I tried it out too and, though I'm not too good at it yet, really enjoy it. Here are some of the results so far.

Here's some 1-wire thermometer and Arduino lava lamp stuff.

"Everyone should believe in something... I believe I'll have another drink... especially if it's one of my good margaritas". And here's something to play while you enjoy the margaritas. And, finally, Proof that I have no life (and that someone at Microsoft has no soul).

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