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These are computer-related tools I've written. The ones with URLs that look like http://wannabe.guru.org/gitweb/... can be checked out directly with git, like this: git clone http://wannabe.guru.org/git/.... There are also "snapshot" links in the gitweb view that download a tarball.


Here's a little script that will solve and generate Sudoku puzzles for you. Sudoku is a Japanese number puzzle. This solver/generator is based on some standalone code I wrote.


Typhoon is the name of my International Master strength, multithreaded, cross-platform (win32/POSIX+pthreads) chess engine. You can learn more about it and build a copy for your own use. If the chess code is too complicated, try several versions of tic-tac-toe that I wrote as a minimax searching tutorial.

1-Wire Temperature Network Project

Some random 1-Wire DS18S20 thermometers on a twisted pair network driven by an RPi.


Here's another little script to help you to remember holidays. Here's the textfile that this script is using as a database. The tool is driven by the same code that I use in my reminder program... if you download it then you can use your own reminder file and put stuff like birthdays/anniversaries in it. There's also a nice GUI mode version with an MSI installer.


I wrote a couple of informational articles that you might be interested in. One is about how to set up a wireless "captive portal" on FreeBSD. The other is about how to configure apache to make uniform page headers and footers for you. I also wrote a little chunk of Java to help embed picasaweb photos in your site. I also have a small tutorial about how I set up a 1-Wire network to measure temperature.

Windows Version / Colorized echo

These are two utilities meant for batch/CMD programmers; one can detect with pretty good accuracy what version of Windows it is running on. The other is a colorized version of echo.

Windows Sound Capture to WAV

This is a little tool that listens to the wave out stream of your Windows soundcard, grabs the stream and writes it to a WAV file. It can be used to "record" Internet radio or other difficult to capture soundstreams.

Toy x86 Boot Loader and Protected Mode kernel

This is a two-stage x86 boot loader written in assembly language that switches the x86 family chip into protected mode and invokes a small kernel written in C. No virtual memory management... basically a toy x86 operating system.

Code Golf

This is a blurb about some code golfing I've done.

Perl Scripts

Once, long ago, I had a Perl script that knew how to manage mysql databases on the local machine. I was using this thing as a gateway to some silly databases I made of CDs in my collection (populated as I ripped them). Well, I lost the database so, without repopulating it (pain in the ass) I have nothing to do with the script except share it with you and hope someone out there finds it useful. Enjoy.

Website Mapper / Stats

Finally, here's an automatically generated map of my website and some website stats.

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