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Scott Gasch


Seeking a leadership position working on an impactful, interesting project with good people.

Employment History:

Senior Staff Software Engineer, Tech Lead / Manager
Kirkland, WA
December 2005 - present

Developer Infrastructure:

  • Leading an effort to make world class internal developer tools available to Google's cloud customers and other Alphabet companies.
  • Responsible for making code easy to read, search, review and debug.
  • Managing six teams and fifty+ software engineers.

DoubleClick Search:

  • DoubleClick Search is the industry-leading SEM solution.
  • I led the DS backend, infrastructure and bid optimization teams, a group of ~twenty engineers.
  • I designed and implemented the data model, schema, storage and reporting stack for DS.
  • I designed and implementation a distributed task processing system and scheduler, distributed locking system, and deferred bulk mutation system.
  • I designed and implemented several data ingress pipelines.
  • I've systematically measured and improved the latency of the DS reporting system, a key competitive advantage for the product.
  • Codebase is C++, java, continuous processing, and mapreduce.

AdWords Optimization Frontend / Backend:

  • I was the Tech Lead of a project implemented by five engineers involving computing actionable intelligence for advertisers. It involved large scale data processing, indexing, segmentation, storage, and reporting.
  • Tech Lead for AdWords backend services involving keyword semantic clustering and keyword generation and suggestion.
  • The keyword-related projects I was involved with were responsible for hundreds of millions of USD of annual incremental revenue for Google.
  • These projects were implemented in C++ and Java, some with mapreduce.


  • Recipient of two Google Operating Committee awards (2008, 2009)
  • Recipient of one Google Citizenship award (2014).
  • DS was a top 10 company achievement for Google in 2010.
  • Recipient of numerous peer bonuses, spot bonuses and kudos.
  • Heavily involved in the Google mentoring and hiring programs.

Software Design Engineer
Redmond, WA
July 1998 - November 2005

Windows NT Kernel Test Team:

  • Windows architecture and Win32 programming expert.
  • Wrote and maintained stress, functionality and regression test code in C for the NT PE loader, process management system, thread dispatcher, and memory management system.
  • Experience with user and kernel mode debugging; wrote several debugger extensions for ntsd and kd.
  • Found hundreds of bugs in the Windows codebase.
  • Bootstrapped team code review process and mentoring program.
  • Helped to ship Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, XPSP2, WSSP1. Also worked on Windows Vista.

Windows for Express Networks:

  • Implemented file sharing and Internet connection sharing (via NAT) features on a fixed-function "server appliance".
  • Software Engineer Intern
    Northern Telecom (Nortel)
    Research Triangle Park, NC
    Summer, 1997

    Software Engineer Intern
    International Business Machines (IBM)
    Research Triangle Park, NC
    Summer, 1996


    B.S., Computer Science, 1998
    Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA

    Computer Skills:

    C, Java, C++, Python, Perl, parallel and distributed computing, continuous processing pipelines, "big data", software optimization.

    Other Skills:

    Team leadership, leadership of more than one team, planning, vision, setting and communicating goals, building teams, getting things done.


    • Author of an International Master level, cross platform (Win32, FreeBSD, Linux, OSX) chess playing program.
    • References available on request.
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