The Fremont Fair

Here are some pictures my friend Shana took at the Fremont Fair and parade this spring (2001). The Fair is a summer solstice celebration. "Funky Fremont" fancies itself the Center of the Universe. I don't know about that, but it's been the center of many of our Saturday nights! The Fremont Fair and parade are known for the mass participation and intricate (and outlandish) costumes (or lack thereof, such as the Naked Bicyclists!). These pictures give some of the flavor of this iconic Seattle event.

the Green Man

Women in a cage -
I don't know what this symbolizes!

Creatures from
the Black Lagoon??

This group was near
the caged women

a Fertility Dance?
check out the pregnant
goddess in the background!

Support the Monorail!
I don't know if it'll ever be
built, but maybe it won't involve
tearing down my house!

Dragon of the north?

Classy umbrella for Seattle

photographer Shana,
somewhere on the
Olympic Peninsula