Spare Parts Soccer
Spare Parts is a loose organization of players who met in various places by various means. Our camaraderie arises from our love of soccer, or perhaps from our self-consolation with malty beverages. In any case, we've been together for 3 seasons now, playing in the Northwest Co-ed Soccer League (NWCSL), and are shoring up our roster for the 4th.

"Awards Banquet", August 2001

Congratulations to our MVPs, Melissa and Bruce. Remember that we'll be holding random office and home visits to make sure that your trophies are prominently displayed. Although I can't imagine why they wouldn't be, it's such an honor!

Our team for the fall 2001 season: Hopefully we'll be re-joined by these
players next season:
Pip Courbois Dawn Hoffer Selva Balakrishnan
Henry Dixon Lynn Jones Katie Costinett
Bill Kelly Shana Moffatt Melissa Edwards
Bruce Matlack Heidi Petrie Kit George
Erik Ramberg Renata vanDiest    Ryan Kaneshiro
Slobovon "Bobe" Simovich      Carolyn Najera
Chris Simpson   Nathan Tain
Jim Snyder   Cullen Tillotson
Erik Wahlstrom   Holly Massay
Jonathan Scott    
Dave Wemer    
Justin Scott    

Season and player schedule:
Games on Thursday nights, NW Co-ed "D" league.
Players need a WSSA card and shin guards for each game. Spare Parts wears blue (royal or navy), but you should also bring white to each game since I don't have the other teams' colors on my schedule this time. Erik R.'s trying to line up jerseys for us.
You might check out the league rules and field directions.

Please send me an email if you know you're going to be missing some games - it makes finding subs a lot easier! Although, it looks like we have plenty of guys this season...

Date Game Players out Results
6 Whatever
Grasslawn, 8:45
Bruce, Lynn, Heidi, Bobe
13 Stiff Kitties
Marymoor #4, 8:15
Bruce, Heidi, Bobe, Renata
20 Toe Punch
Lynnwood HS, 8:15
Bruce, Heidi, Pip, Shana
27 O'Shea's
Grasslawn, 8:45
Ryan, Dawn, Bruce, Heidi, Erik. W.
4 (off)  
11 The Highlanders
N. SeaTac N., 8:30
Ryan, Dawn, Nathan
18 (off)  
25 Fish Butt
Lynnwood HS, 6:30
Dawn, Nathan
1 Roadrunners
Ft. Dent, 8:45
Erik W.
8 Emma Peel
Grasslawn, 7:00
Erik W.
15 Playoffs Erik W., Shana
29 Playoffs  
6 Playoffs  

Updated 9/7/01. --Lynn