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Some days I'm 2, some days I'm not!

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Jul 22, 2007

Two-year-old-itis is back. Alex says N-n-n-n-o! Of course, sometimes he says Yes (no longer says Wes). Sometimes he says Yeah but it's really cute and I'm not sure how to describe it. It's like E-Yeh-ah, like he's surprised, like aha, but almost ends in a whisper. Or maybe it's more like Duh! Do you want to go outside? E-yeh-ah.

Scott was out of town for a couple days and I thought I figured out something about bedtime. I managed to get Alex in his bed early in the bedtime routine and then we talked and sang songs for maybe 15 minutes instead of 5, and he went to bed like a charm. Worked after Scott got back, last night, but not tonight, so maybe Alex figured it out and isn't buying it anymore.

Alex is getting much more physical on the playground. He will climb lots of stuff and even will go down the slide by himself, with some encouragement. He looked very pleased with himself today so maybe he will do it more often now.

The other day Alex came running to me with an open dry-erase marker. We didn't have any disasters before I got him and it to the easel, but I think I am going to have to remember that things that were not interesting or off limits before are going to become much more fair-game in the coming months.

Aug 4, 2007

Hmmm, I thought I had written another entry here and included a picture, but maybe not...

We've had a successful potty incident! A few, actually. The other day, I was letting Alex run around for awhile before getting dressed. I told him if he needed to pee to be sure and tell me, and we would go to his potty. Awhile later, he said, uh oh, and we ran to the potty and he went. The next day or so, I asked if he wanted to sit on the potty before bath. He said he did, and peed right away without any coaxing at all. He came home from school with a sticker for it too, on Wednesday.

Alex has started narrating his day. Well, it's a combination of a stalling tactic and my treatment of him coming back to haunt me. Now whenever I say, it's time to do foo, he says, I'm gonna' do this then that then the other then do foo."Time to get a new diaper." "I'm gonna play with trucks then read a book then have a snack then get a new diaper."

Working in the garden

Working in the garden

worker man

Worker man

There is another new speech thing that just started, and I have no idea where this one came from, unless Alex has been spending extra time in Ballard (ya' sure, ya' betcha'). He asks a question, followed by "yeah". "Wanna listen to Wiggles, yeah?" "Wanna go in the airplane, yeah?" (By the way, our bed, that was a boat if you get under the sheet, is now an airplane, and you have to fasten your seat belt. Usually we are flying to Seattle but sometimes to visit Nana.)

We went to a restaurant tonight and Alex ordered mac and cheese, which usually I can't get him to eat. But it was one of the first times he actually expressed any interest in the menu, so we ordered it and he ate it, even! Alex is showing more willingness to try different foods.

Aug 5, 2007

Today, Alex started with the "why"s. I thought I had until age 3 for that. Maybe he's precocious.

Today we took the bikes down to Marymoor Park and rode them out to Redhook Brewery in Woodinville (only about 5 miles each way) for lunch. Alex rode with Scott and I got to ride my "new" bike for the first time in a couple years. Alex seemed to enjoy it, and later this afternoon said "More bike?"

Late night update, 10:30 pm: For the first time ever, we got a post-bedtime, downstairs visit from Alex. He seems to be staying awake longer and longer after bedtime, and I am not sure what is up with that. He was a little cranky all day today, so I hope he is not getting sick.

Aug 10, 2007

Tonight at bedtime, I heard the cutest thing. Scott said, "Goodnight, little bear" and Alex replied, "Good night, big bear."

Alex has discovered TV. He has watched some before, but always started playing with toys about 5 minutes into whatever show. Now he will not only sit and watch, he will pitch a fit that we limit it! I'm not sure how much more of the Wiggles I can take!

This morning, Alex came downstairs instead of into our room when he got up. Fortunately, I was already awake. I think if I had been sleeping, he would have come back up and gotten me, but I will try to remember to set the safety gate at night now. Can't have him climbing the kitchen counters by himself!

Instead of everything being a nina-nana thing, now it's a do-dah thing.

Our neighbors gave Alex a little bicycle with training wheels. He is mostly frustrated by it, but he is learning to ride it a little bit. The other day, he wouldn't let me help him, but said he wanted "Miss Laura" (our nieghbor) to teach him. He let her move his feet on the pedals and he did very well.

Quite awhile back, one day when Alex said he didn't want to go to school, I said, "Wouldn't you miss your friends?" Now, when he doesn't want to go, he says he wants to miss his friends.

Aug 11, 2007

Alex listening to headphones and eating crackers.
Scott adds: Lately Alex has been responding with "When I'm a little bit bigger" to certain questions. Stuff like "Do you want to drive a truck?" or "Are you going to go to that school?".

He's referring to himself as a "big boy" and will correct you if you call him a "little boy". "No, I'm big boy". This comes up when I git his tummy; he says I can't do it because he's a big boy not a little boy.

Speaking of being a big boy, he's been trying the potty a lot but he rarely ever does anything but sit. It's a little frustraiting; I'm definitely ready for him to be out of diapers (although I know it's still early for that).

When you ask Alex which his favorite thing is (e.g. "What's your favorite color?" or "Which one is your favorite toy car?") he usually replies "I like all those ____s". Maybe he's going to be a politician.

He doesn't like going to his daycare, though. When asked whether he would rather go "to school" or stay home with mommy he expresses a clear preference for the latter.

Aug 14, 2007

Scott Adds: Lately Alex has started telling knock-knock jokes. I think he may have learned this from watching The Wiggles (which he would do all day long if we let him, currently). He doesn't understand the jokes; just that you're supposed to laugh. He also usually laughs at the wrong time. It goes like this:

Alex: Knock-knock. Who's there.
Lynn: Who's there?
Alex: Doo-da. (laughter)

Lynn: Knock-knock.
Alex: Who's there?
Lynn: Ya.
Alex: (laughter)
Lynn: You're supposed to say "Ya who?"

Today I showed Alex the engines of the car and the truck. Lynn took him to the park with Leah and Axle Peterson.

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